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Welcome to Terramina, Inc.

Terramina was founded in 1987 in the heart of New York's midtown garment district and has been blossoming ever since. Today, we are a leading source for church suits and formal attire for women. With a keen eye for design, and an unparalleled sense of taste that has carried over into every aspect of the business, Terramina is known as the manufacturer to go to for top quality style in church suits, without the mass merchandised look. Our styles are as timeless and elegant as the women who wear them. Our church suits are always classy, and never overdone, with just the touch of modern flair to meet the demands of even the trendiest of customers who don't want to sacrifice fashion for function. Terramina suits are tantalizing without going overboard.

Terramina is by no means a one man machine, but rather the fruit of the dedication and loyalty of a special select group of talented and devoted sales, design and marketing professionals who are so committed to the lines that they work together to personally oversees every aspect of the manufacturing from concept, to design, to layout, and finally the finished product. Terramina's relentless pursuit of perfection can undoubtedly be seen in every stitch and cut, all the way to the final button and trim to seal the look together.

A tremendous demand for our fine quality, affordable merchandise has helped us grow into a multi faceted manufacturer that has withstood the drastic demands and the ever changing moods of the industry. Today we are pleased to bring to you our Terramina Collection of ladies church suits, Susanna, our better line of fabulous ladies church suits and finally Annabelle, our newest and very popular line of stunning evening gowns and dresses. Terramina's niche in the suit market has helped us segway into dresses to be enjoyed by women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

The primary line, Terramina Collection is simply great fashion at equally great value. Fully lined church suits in all colors and textures are presented each season with gorgeous finishing touches and details all the while never straining the pocket book. Coordinating hats and purses are also available to make the look complete.

Susanna, our newest line is designed to present the pinnacle in church fashions with the utmost attention to the slightest trim, color palette, pattern or fringe to make our customers undoubtedly stand out whether it be at church, a special occasion, or family function. Also, rather than bombard our customers with hundreds of styles, with Susanna we strive to bring out the best 20 or 30 styles in top colors, fabrics and designs leaving little room for confusion and helping to make your decisions simple. When only the best will do, leave the decision making up to us. You will know it's a Susanna suit when you see it!

Annabelle is our pioneer line of beautiful special occasion gowns and dresses for any formal occasion be it a prom, wedding, or other special occasion where a suit just will not do. Our branching into this category of ladies clothing has come after plenty of consideration, and much demand by our loyal customers who wanted to see the Terramina Ideal carried on over the eveningwear as well.

No matter the line, At Terramina, we make it a point each season to present our customers with simply the best in ladies church and formal attire. Just like the pieces themselves, the Terramina customer stands out and is always on top, leaving no room for anything other than perfection. Her look is always completely put together and she always looks flawless! She is truly stunning!

Located in the heart of the garment district in Midtown Manhattan, Terrramina sales associates are always happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us toll-free at (888) 719-4224. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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